Top Unique Wedding Trends 2017


One wedding trend that is sweeping 2017 is greenery, and more specifically garlands. They are creating a natural vibe that is still beautiful and elegant. Garlands are being taken advantage of in any and every element of decor. From your altar, to signage, to tables, or bar. Garlands are the new wedding go to.

The Hanging Decor

This element is such a creative, gorgeous look! It adds a whole new level to your overall wedding picture. You can get very out-of-the-box with this as well. From hanging flowers, lights, bottles, and more! Truly whatever your heart and wedding dreams desire. The ceilings the limit!  😉

The Destination Wedding

The destination weddings are getting chicer and bigger every year. It can be a fun lavish travel experience for all guests or a more intimate vacation for close family. Nowadays wedding planners make it so easy to accommodate a wedding anywhere! Couples can hand pick invitations, tourist arrangements, and say ‘I do’ with a view.

Unique Wedding Entertainment 

Entertainment is an element that is really taking a step up in the wedding industry. A DJ and photo booth simply isn’t cutting it any more. There are so many options to make your wedding more exciting, unique, and hands on for your guests. Bringing in live music that specializes a specific genre, a live painter or artist, or a ‘surprise and delight’ catering treat are all great ways to entertain your guests.

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