2016 Wedding Tips & Trends

2016 is a year of texture, contrast, and a culmination of refined 2015 trends.

Updated Guest Books

Polaroids are fun, and INSTANT!

Place a scrap-book type book on the table next to your photo booth props, with double sided tape. Your guests can take 2 photos, one for your book (they write a ‘Love Note’ next to their photo) and one to take with them. You can’t be part of every detail on your wedding day. This book is a great way to share your guests’ special moments.

Photo Favors

Think out of the box, traditional Photo Booth’s have seen better days! Gone are the cramped photo booths that can only hold two to three people. The ‘open-air’ photo booth is so much fun! Customize your backdrop with a step and repeat! Or add some glam to your wedding décor with a sequin backdrop, or our personal favorite…a flower wall!


Unique Venues

We are fans of a beautiful vineyard as your wedding ceremony backdrop, but we LOVE a unique venue…a private estate, an airplane hangar, the possibilities are endless!

We particularly love this new exclusive venue and are honored to be able to share it with you.

This most exclusive private estate is now available and accepting applications for 2016 weddings and events. It’s list of credentials are long and growing:

  • First and foremost, designed by world renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright
  • 2016 winner of “The Most Beautiful House in the World”
  • Among the many spectacular features of this exclusive venue is an authentic teahouse!
  • For more details, write to us at info@AReveEvents.com or (925) 518-5495

Social Media Love/Hate

Brides and Grooms love to include social media in their BIG day! Well, parts of it anyway…

Unplugged ceremonies are growing in popularity. Why, you ask? The three guest faux-pas of any ceremony are:

  • Cell phones ringing during the ceremony
  • Crying babies
  • Guests taking photos that intercept the photographer and videographer’s shots


That’s the hate, here’s the love!

 Have fun and create a personalized hashtag! Create signs, frame them and post them strategically throughout the reception venue. This is a great reminder to your guests to post the photos they take personally and the result is an album for you to enjoy for years to come.

Let’s face it, as the bride and groom, your wedding day is a whirlwind and it’s nearly impossible for you to be part of every moment the entire day. Your photographer will capture a lot, but there are those moments that only your guests will capture. Encourage your guests to share!

Texture is IN

Texture can be incorporated into endless aspects of your wedding. We are going to mention a few but don’t stop there, create your own brainstorm of where and how you can incorporate texture into your wedding.

Floral centerpieces are a great way to incorporate texture, & one of the best kinds to achieve this is the hydrangea.

Table Linens are another great way to incorporate texture either with covers or fun runners.


The use of metallics is nothing new. What is new, is where and how the metallics are being used! Incorporate shiny shades into your cakes & invitations!

What are your favorite up & coming wedding trends for 2016?

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